Torben Emborg

Torben Emborg

Nordic Market Head for Nestlé

Torben is Nordic Market Head for Nestlé, one of the largest companies in Europe and the world’s largest food company.

Torben, 57, is Danish but has lived most of his adult life outside Denmark, mainly heading a number of Nestlé countries and regions in Europe. Last year he returned to the Nordics with four, in his view, quite different countries. Torben who has two adult sons with his wife now lives in Sweden in order to get to know the country better. Sweden is the largest market for Nestlé Nordics.

In Torben’s view the future of Nestlé cannot be anything else than sustainable. He has been quoted for this: “Nestlé was created a little over 150 years ago. If we are to exist in 150 years, there is only one way: sustainable products. If we do not live our fantastic concept Creating Shared Value (CSV, which is Nestlé’s CSR) fully, we will not survive in the long run. When you as a company do business in a country, you have to give something valuable back to society at the same time. That’s what Creating Shared Value is all about. I believe that CSV is the CSR of the future, and this is also heard today at many universities.”

It is no wonder that Torben also mentions the universities in the quote. As well as he dislikes ageism towards the 50+ generation, he is also very much into the youth debate. He believes that businesses can do more to reduce the high youth unemployment rates in the world. “Governments and authorities cannot handle this challenge alone. Businesses have to be more visionary and daring by hiring and training more youngsters. Otherwise we risk to lose part of a generation on the floor,” he says.

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