Henning Daverne

Henning Daverne

Meditation Teacher, Lecturer and Writer

Henning Daverne is the founder and leader of GOOD DAY meditation & mindfulness and is recognised in Denmark for his competencies within business meditation, where he helps managers and employees find the spark that ignite job satisfaction, reduce stress, and increase mental capacity.

Henning has a background in martial arts, fitness, traditional Chinese medicine, and self-development. He is among the highest-ranked martial artists in Europe. Moreover, he trains meditation and mindfulness tutors and is the author of 4 bestselling books on personal development meditation and mindfulness.

As a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, Henning conveys the best of two worlds; the monk’s belief in tranquility and contemplation, combined with the scientist’s focus on research and documentation. Henning has been personally trained by his mentor, meditation guru Maharajji in the East.


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