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Above & Beyond Group is an international strategic consultancy, with Nordic origins, focusing on business development. We offer advisory services and develop strategic concepts internationally to help corporations and brands grow their existing turnover, market reach and brand equity ‘above & beyond’ their current levels. For the past six years, Above & Beyond Group has been building a network of business platforms and initiatives to advance gender diversity in both business and society at large.

We now consult numerous large companies on their diversity strategy and have identified several key drivers – which have lead us to develop specific tools to accelerate female empowerment in the corporate sphere. Above & Beyond Group is the creator and owner of the following platforms: The Diversity Council, The Above & Beyond Academy, The Womenomics Nordic Business Conference – as well as the recent Womenomics book, and Above & Beyond Group is also behind the ‘Lead the Future’ Campaign to highlight female role models in Denmark.

In addition, the owner of Above & Beyond Group founded The Sisterhood Foundation in 2010. The charity supports women and girls in the poorest areas of India, with education, training and micro-financing to empower them and ensure their financial independence. The eight ongoing local charity projects are linked to the goals of providing “courage, care, choices and change” in the lives of the single mothers and young girls. These activities are the key CSR focus of Above & Beyond Group and our employees.

We see it as our mission to help the leaders of our large partner companies to embrace the future and see the possibilities of diversity in our era of disruption. Reaching for gender parity is both the right and the smart thing to do. Our unique business model accelerates diversity through an ecosystem of partner companies and alliances to implement transformational change while keeping a focus on all the commercial and economic benefits as well.



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